Spoiler Alert!

That's right, we've got an Opus VI Spoiler to share with you guys today: Raptor (6-061C)! We want to thank Square Enix and RB for the opportunity to help share this card with you guys. Without further ado, let's jump right in!

Raptor is a 3-cost Wind element forward with [Job (Standard Unit)] from Category FFTA2. It has 6000 power and the ability "If you control a Category FFTA2 Forward other than Raptor, Raptor gains +2000 power." We've talked about the curve before in previous articles, and so we can already see that 6000 power is a little low for a 3 cost card. However thanks to its job, category and ability, Raptor has the potential to increase its power quite a bit and put itself way over curve! There are many cards that have synergy with [Job (Standard Unit) and Category FFTA2. Let's take a look at some of the ways Raptor can get the most value.

Raise your Standards

[Job (Standard Unit)] already has plenty of existing support in the FFTCG, and decks focusing on Standard Unit synergy have performed well everywhere from locals to Crystal Cups. While Standard Units have support in almost every element, the strongest elements to support them are certainly water and wind. Cards like Arc (2-050H), Warrior of Light (1-155R) and Refia (2-141H) and Brahne (4-134C) all have excellent synergy with Raptor's Job. In a Wind/Water list, Raptor easily becomes a 9k with First Strike before we even get another Category FFTA2 character on the board! If Refia happens to be on your board and reducing the cost, you'll could be getting a huge amount of value and power out of just 2CP. Brahne helps make a multi-element deck more consistent, and also helps us search out Raptor and can be triggered off an EX Burst! Another card that hasn't been officially spoiled in English yet, Cid Haze, is also a 3CP Backup with EX burst potential that can search for one [Job (Standard Unit)] forward and add it to your hand just like Brahne, but he's in the Wind element! With all of this support for Standard Units, it's obvious why some players get excited to build this type of deck.

Getting the Clan Back Together

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2, your characters fight on a team called Clan Gully. If that sounds familiar, it's because we have Cid of Clan Gully (5-103R), their leader, as a backup that supports Category FFTA2 cards! When Cid enters the field, you can search your deck for a Category FFTA2 forward to make sure Raptor's ability is active, or to find Raptor herself! FFTA2 brings a lot of powerful forwards to the table that you are already seeing in other decks, such as Adelle (5-050H) and Illua (5-099H). Simply having either of these powerful cards on the field will make Raptor an 8000 power forward, before any other buffs! Luso (5-069H) is another Category FFTA2 card that can power Raptor up, and he also helps you find Raptors or other FFTA2 cards by revealing the top 5 cards of your deck and putting one Category FFTA2 card you find there into your hand! Even without the Standard Unit buffs, you can easily turn Raptor into a 8000 power forward.

But Wait, There's More!

Like a lot of the Category FFTA2 cards, Raptor is a card that is stronger as part of a team. While the card doesn't have a lot of inherent strengths on its own, it can quickly become a very high value forward. There are plenty of synergies outside of the ones we've listed, including cards like Maria to give another +1000 power to all your forwards, the Ignus and Luneth cards that support [Job (Standard Unit)], and possibly more to come with the rest of Opus VI. While Raptor may not find its place in a lot of decks, it's hard to ignore the amount of support that [Job (Standard Unit)] and Category FFTA2 have available. Raptor is sure to be a good card in the right deck, and we look forward to seeing what it can do in the future!

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